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Collection of doll heads

Collection of doll heads


Small Collection of dolls and doll heads. Great collection for the doll artist or collector who sees beauty in small things. 
included with the doll heads are two small dolls, one in basket.

Blonde china head is 4" tall with 3" shoulder opening. She has blue eyes and a small chip on front right curl.

Minerva tin head doll is 4 1/2" tall with 3 1/2" shoulder opening. Doll has blonde molded hair blue painted eyes and the imprint of "MINERVA" on her lower front chest. She has paint rub/chips on right front curls.

Papermache head has damage to top/rear of head but face is quite lovely with blue painted eyes.

Tiny head has blond hair with molded hat, blue painted eyes and stands  just 2" tall.


Shipping - $5.00

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